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Here are some of the EXCEPTIONAL products offered by Installer Direct

Remote Start NJ by Installer Direct is proud to offer Compustar products for their outstanding performance and reliability. Compustar is a leader in the car remote starter field and known for product development & innovation.

All Compustar systems come with a lifetime warranty.

We also offer "non-specialist" manufacturer products such as Audiovox, Viper, Avital, and Python at competitive prices.

However, non-specialist products are limited to a 1 year warranty.

Behind The Scenes

Want to see firsthand exactly what the difference between Installer Direct and the average retailer?

1. Old vs. New

The CPU on the left is a current DEI remote start (1 year warranty). Notice the small relays, lack of capacitors, and 1980's style micro chips. The CPU on the right is the Compustar entry level unit (lifetime warranty). Notice the high current main relays, late style micro chips, and the number of capacitors. The design is modern,sleek, and simple. Also, notice how the harnesses exit out of one side (makes for a neater install) of the Compustar CPU as opposed to three sides on the DEI model.

2. Professional installer direct installations vs. just plain sloppy retailers

Installer Direct
Professional installation work by Installer Direct

Unprofessional, Rushed Retailer Jobs
Below you will find some typical retail "rush jobs", including some loose connections, exposed CPU wires, and the dreaded "wire monster".

Forget the average retailer nightmare and contact Installer Direct as the first step to your remote starter!

Need A Remote Starter? Contact Us Now!
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